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FAQs of Teaching English in Germany
Montag, 21 Januar 2019 14:55 FAQ teachers


  • First off, how do I start teaching in Germany?
    • Many English teachers in Germany (including those at Business English Academy) are freelancers, meaning they're basically independent contractors who work with their language schools to find classes to teach. If you're from outside of Germany or the EU, you'll need a visa to legally live and work in Germany. Some people are in Germany on family visas, but many freelancers apply for Germany's Freiberufler (Freelancer) visa. This allows the holder of the visa to work as a freelancer in Germany under a few conditions. To get this visa as an English teacher, you'll need certification as a teacher. It also helps to have some experience under your belt.
    • Once you're in Germany, everything can move pretty quickly. There's basic things, like finding a place to live and registering your residence. But there's also a few other things that some people forget about:
    • Everyone (including EU nationals) need a Tax ID number (Steuernummer). This is needed to (obviously) use for tax purposes and to use if you register yourself a small company.
    • You can find some more information on our website.
    • Then, start contacting companies and language schools!

  • What's it like teaching in Germany?
    • With our school, teachers travel to companies and teach courses "in-house". So, no classrooms. But some language schools will have a more traditional set-up. Whenever you're teaching a course with us, German culture often places importance on professionalism in the workplace. Teachers are held to the same standard, and expected to be on time, be professionally dressed, and behave in a professional manner.

  • Do I need a degree to teach in Germany?
    • Not necessarily, but it's definitely preferred. What you will need is some sort of certification to teach English, be it CELTA, TEFL, TESOL, etc.

  • Do I have to be a native English speaker?
    • Again, not necessarily. Some schools require it, however we at Business English Academy recognize that people who learn English as a foreign language can gain fluency and be great teachers. We like to speak with our teachers first, and get to know you!


  • Should I learn German?
    • If you want to be able to live in Germany comfortably, knowing some German can go a long way. Plus, you have the added benefit of learning a new language!
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