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5 Reasons for Employee Language Lessons
Monday, 21 January 2019 16:39 List Companies Business English
  1. Employee satisfaction and employee retention. If foreign language courses is something that employees have requested, it would be a good idea to seriously consider their thoughts on the subject. Employees who feel listened to at work, and who feel like their employees are appreciative of their efforts are more likely stick around. Learning a new language also gives employees a sense of achievement and value. Employee retention saves companies money. In the long run, the language course could end up paying for itself instead of paying for the cost of recruiting and training new staff.
  2. Increased creativity amongst employees. Creativity is necessary in every industry. Whenever employees are able to speak and think in multiple languages, something happens in the brain to spark and help in problem solving skills. Any company who wants its employees to be able to "think outside of the box" and come up with ideal solutions should invest in their employees' language skills.
  3. The ability to work internationally.  Why limit your company to a national scale? Companies who go international will have a working language (normally English), which allows them to conduct business all over the globe. These large companies recognize the wide-scale impact that English has on their company and their ability to do business.
  4. It helps employees performance in their native language. Learning a foreign language requires learning not just vocabulary but grammar rules and structures as well. When learning the foreign language, knowledge of the native language is strengthened by needing to re-learn some of the language's rules. This is because learners relate what they are learning to their own language which they already know. By studying one language, they inadvertently study their own as well!
  5. It keeps employee minds healthy. Whenever a company wants to invest in their employees, many do the usual health plan or benefits package. But the opportunity for employee development is sometimes skipped over. However, employee health and employee development can merge when it comes to language lessons. People who learn a second language do not develop illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer's at the same rate as monolingual people. By investing in language courses for employees, you not only help your company, but you can help your employees future health as well.


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