Adjectives and adverbs


Choose the right answer (a,b,c,d)

1. Mr Arnold had everything in a__________________ bag.

a. plastic yellow large      b. large yellow plastic      c. yellow large plastic      d. yellow plastic large


Put in the adverb form of the adjective in brackets ( ).

Example: She read the book quickly (quick).


1. She looked at him ____________(angry), but she didn't say anything.

2. The children were playing_________________(happy) when I came into the room.

3. Tom ran as__________________ (fast) as he could.

4. Read the recipe________________(careful).

5. She thinks that she did the exam________________(bad) and that she'll fail.

6. He was working_________________(busy) when his friend arrived.

7. He passed all his tests_______________(easy).

Comparative adjectives

Please complete the questions with a comparative form.

1.) Who is __________ (young), you or your sister?

2.) Which is __________ (good), staying at home or going to a restaurant?

3.) Who is __________ (tall), you or your friend?

4.) Which is __________ (important) for you, having a lot of money or being healthy?

5.) Which month is ________ (cold) in your country, December or January?

6.) Which is __________ (easy) for you, speaking or understanding English?


Complete the following sentences with a comparative.

Example: Maria doesn't work very hard. Tom works harder.

a) Luke isn't very interested in music. He is______________________ in art.

b) This dress isn't very nice. The red one is_________________.

Superlatives adjectives

Write the superlative form and complete the sentences to make them true for you.

1. The _________ (busy) day in the week is _______________.

2. The _________ (good) month in the year is ____________.

3. The _________ (funny) film I know is ______________.

4. The _________ (sad) book I know is ______________.

5. The _________ (exciting) holiday in my life was in __________.

6. The _______ (good) friend is _________.

7. The ________ (beautiful) place in the world is ___________.