Reported Speech

Fill in the gaps.

1. Hannah: "Our teacher will go to Hamburg tomorrow."

Hannah said that  __________________________

2. Sarah: "I was writing a letter yesterday."
Sarah told me that  __________________________

3. Tim : "My father flew to Dallas last year."
Tim told me that  __________________________

4. Lara : "Hans went to the stadium an hour ago."
Lara said that  __________________________

5. Anne : "My mother will celebrate her birthday next weekend."
Anne said that  __________________________


Fill in the right words.

1. If you _____ the volume down, the music ______ clearer.
2. This popsong _____ the charts party if they _____ it in a studio.
3. Your biros _____ if you _____ your school bag more carefully.
4. If the boys _____ to bed earlier, they _____ all through the lesson.
5. _____ a private jet if you the money. 

Past simple questions

Write the questions for these answers:

1.) My last holiday was in June.

2.) I went to Berlin

3.) I went with my brother

4.) I got there by train

5.) We went up the television tower

6.) I thought it was fantastic.


Present Participle

The present participle of most verbs has the form base+ing and is used in the following ways:

a. as part of the continuous form of a verb


  • I am working
  • he was singing
  • they have been walking


Past Simple Negative Forms

If you would like to make the Past simple negative, you have to use didn´t (did not) + verb.

E.g.: He didn´t live in Germany. (NOT: He didn´t lived.)


Put these verbs in the correct form to make sentences true for you.

1.) I _______ (go) to the zoo last week.

2.) I ________ (watch) TV on saturday.

3.) I _________ (rent) a DVD last night.

4.) I ________ (read) the newspaper this morning.

5.) I _________ (listen) to the radio a few hours ago.

6.) I __________ (play) computer games yesterday.

7.) I ________ (buy) a new t-shirt last week.

8.) I ________ (travel) to America last year.