Present Simple or Present Progressive

Use the correct form of the verb "to have" (present simple or present progressive) to fill in the gaps.

1.) I ___________ two sons and a daughter.

2.) We ___________ some friends over tonight.

3.) I´m afraid she __________ lunch right now.

4.) ______ you _______ any brothers?

5.) Suddenly I __________ doubts about his statement.

6.) We __________ the office professionally redecorated.

Past Progressive and Simple Past


Lisa met a lot of people in the shopping centre last week. What was happening each time? Fill in the blanks.

1.) Lisa ___________ (listen) to the radio when Remco ___________ (arrive).

2.) When Svenja ____________ (get) there, Lisa ______________ (talk) to Remco.

3.) When Jessica _____________ (meet) them, Svenja and Lisa ______________ (look) at Remco´s new CD.

4.) When Antonia and Jessica _____________ (see) Lisa, she _____________ (buy) some new shoes.

5.) Lisa __________ (sit) in the restaurant when Daniel __________ (find) her.

6.) When her mum and dad (meet) ____________ her, Lisa ____________ (eat) a big ice-cream with Daniel and Remco.

Passive form

Put the verbs in the correct passive form.

Hi, I´m Susan. I´ve been to Phantasialand four times. The first time was four years ago. I ____________ (to take) there by my parents. It was a birthday present, and I loved it. So I ____________ (to take) there for all my birthdays since then. And this year I went there with my tennis team. We ____________________ (to drive) there by coach. It was awesome. Did you know that the park _______________ (to change) a bit every year? Sometimes rides _______________ (to improve). And two years ago a new one _________________ (to build). I´m sure another one _______________ (to add) soon.

Present Perfect Progressive

Fill in the verbs in the present perfect progressive. Then put in "for" or "since".

1. Susan: This weather! It ______________ (snow) without a break ________ (for/since) lunch time. Let´s hope it will stop this evening.

2. Tom: This is hopeless! We ________________ (look) for a place to park the car ______ (for/since) half an hour.

3. Richard: The path is so steep here! I would like to go home now. We ________________ (climb) ________ (for/since) nearly three hours.

4. Emily: This meal was good! But let´s go back to work now. We ______________ (sit) here ________ (since/for) twelve o´clock.

5. Steven: Yes, I agree, we should go now. I ________________(watch) the weather _______ (for/since) a while now, and I think, it´s getting worse.

6. Kelly: Let´s hurry then. Those clouds over there ________ (get) darker ______ (for/since) some time now.

Reported and Indirect Speech

There are different possibilities to express the content of statements and questions without quoting them.


a) If the reporting verb like "say", "tell" is in present tense, you don´t need to change the the tense.

p.e.: "Go home!" My boss tells me to go home.

b) If the reporting verb is in past tense, you need to change the tense.

Tense Direct Speech Reported Speech
present simple I´m hunry. She told me that she was hungry.
present continuous I am living in Paris. He said to me that he was living in Paris.
past simple I fell asleep. Mom said that she had fallen asleep.
past continuous I was living in Berlin. He said that he had been living in Berlin.
present perfect I haven´t talked to Anna. She told me that she hadn´t talked to Anna.
past perfect I had taken French lessons before. He said that he had taken French lessons before.
will-future I will see you later He told me that he would see me later.

c) You also need to change the time expressions

now then/at that time
tomorrow the following day
today that day
yesterday     the day before
last night the night before
last week the week before/previous week