Present Perfect: Lesson 1


  • How to form the Present Perfect?

Present Perfect --> have/has + past participle*

*Note: An exercise regarding irregular verbs and past participls will follow soon.


  • When do you use the Present Perfect?

The Present Perfect is used for an action in the past with a result now.

Passive: Present Simple
Rewrite the following sentences in the passive by starting with the words underlined.

Example: Many Americans can speak English and Spanish. - English and Spanish is spoken by many Americans.

a) We hold a team meating in the executive office every day. ________________________

b) This cafe serves breakfast from 7 to 11 am. ____________________________________

Indirect Speech

Rewrite each sentence into indirect speech


Mark: When will our guest Maria arrive? - Mark asked me when our geust Maria would arrive.

a) Leonard: I won't finish the report until Friday. ____________________

b) Lisa: I've been rying to get a hold of Teresa all day. ____________________

Present Perfect: Since or For?

Answer the questions by using the present perfect and add "since" or "for".

Example: Have you heard anything from Karen? - No, she she hasn't written for a long time.

a) Where is Tom? - I think he's sick. He_______________ (not / to be in school / Wednesday)

b) Can you play poker? Yes, but I ________________ (not / to play it / five years)

Future II Progressive

By the end of the week I (work) _____________ here for four months.

By the end of this month we (live) _____________ together for six years.

By the end of the term she (study) _____________ for nine years.

By midnight we (play) _____________ this computer game for 48 hours.

She (talk) _____________ on the phone for the last couple of hours.

They (look for) _____________ me all night long.